The Graun thinks shallow & slightly racist “humour” is cool

by BlackCatte

Well the Graun continues on its own bizarre bid to bury its credibility and sink its reputation as a serious outlet. Their article When Tsipras meets Putin: an opportunity for fruit diplomacy? is not really noteworthy beyond it’s rather odd title. It’s just another in the seemingly endless production line of Guardian pieces that do their best to cram Russophobic sentiment or outright warmongering into situations and subjects that don’t require or support them.”Any major new Russian investment in Greece would raise concern in Brussels,” it says at one point, as if such a reaction was inevitable, Russia having been converted into a full-fledged “enemy” by those who believe they control the narrative.

It’s not the article that grabs our attention. It’s their choice of “featured comment.” The one selected by the editors as a little flagship for the kind of opinion they believe should not just be free – but celebrated with full Graun approval in its own little box at the top of the page.

And this is what they chose:

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 18.10.54

Excellent, don’t you think? Pithy. Thoughtful. Intellectually challenging. The kind of blandly smiling, slightly dim-witted racial bigotry we can all be proud to share.

It’s like watching a long-respected mentor get drunk, grab your boob and start singing racist rugby songs isn’t it.

Please try and understand this Guardian – and stop.

Just stop.


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