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“Suitcase! Station! Russia!” — Right Sector throws official in the trash

The Ukrainian newspaper Новое Время reports:

On Thursday April 9, Right Sector activists pulled the Chief of Justice in the Ivano-Frankivsk region Vasily Kavatsyuka out of his cabinet and threw him in the trash.

As reported by the local newspaper, the activists demanded the dismissal of an official who has registered on March 25 in the regional organization of the Opposition Bloc party.

On Thursday, activists led by the leader of the regional Right Sector, Basil Abramivym, entered Kavatsyuka’s office and asked him to make a public resignation. When he refused, the assembled activists seized him and dragged into the street, where trash cans filled with car tyres were waiting.

Chanting “Suitcase! Station! Russia!”, the protesters pushed the trash container towards the train station. In addition, green paint was poured on the official unwilling to resign.

Recall that on January 17 in the Kremenets Ternopil region activists held a “people’s lustration” of two local judges, who were taken out of the courtroom and shoved in the trash.


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