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VIDEO: Crimea – the way back home (with English subtitles)

Anyone interested in the Russian POV on the “annexation” of Crimea should watch this film. Is it the final word and full story? Of course not, but it’s an important perspective the western media is content to ignore.

I invited heads of our security services, Ministry of Defence to the Kremlin and tasked them with – let’s put it bluntly – saving the life of the President of Ukraine. Our radio surveillance services started tracking his motorcade. It became clear Viktor Yanukovich would soon be ambushed. he would have been simply eliminated…” Vladimir Putin

…I said we are forced to consider reuniting Crimea with Russia, because we cannot leave this territory and the people there…under the steamroller of the nationalists..

I have to say we would only do this under the condition we are absolutely certain the people of Crimea want it themselves. We had to let the people express their opinion…” Vladimir Putin

English translation and subtitling prepared by VPE


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