VIDEO: Newspaper vans attacked by Right Sector in Kiev

Vesti reports on an incident today in Kiev involving the newspaper itself:

On Thursday, April 9 there were attacks on the vans that were transporting part of the circulation of the Kiev edition of the newspaper “Vesti”.

The attacks occurred around the metro stations “Heroes of Dnepr” and “Vasylkivska.” In both cases, the scenario was the same: the van with the newspapers was blocked by two cars out of which emerged unidentified men with symbols of “Right sector” who illegally seized the print run. In the case near the metro station “Vasylkivska” the driver was beaten, the attackers having threatened to burn his car.

The news media holding which includes the newspaper “Vesti” considers this incident as a planned provocation aimed at intimidating editors, in retaliation for its independent position. We believe this attack infringes on freedom of speech, as well as the right to the people of Kiev to obtain objective information about the situation in the country.

We call on the police to conduct an objective and impartial investigation into the incident, and to find and punish those responsible. Representatives of the media holding company have already communicated to the Ministry of Internal Affairs the relevant details and the license plates of the vehicles. […]

“Vesti” require law enforcement officers to put an end to attacks on the newspaper in Kiev

A video of the attack on Vesti’s vans was posted by Maidan PressCenter:

Right Sector” seized a print run of the newspaper “Vesti” intending to turn it into scrap paper. A total of 1100 kg of copies were seized. The activists said that the money will go towards the purchase of national patriotic literature for orphanages and libraries.

From the archives about Vesti:

On July 5th 2014, a group of individuals wearing masks attacked the editorial office of Vesti newspaper in Kyiv with smoke grenades and stones. The office guard was assaulted and sustained injuries, windows were shattered and some of the newspaper’s equipment was damaged. The newspaper is know to take a more critical view about the so called “Anti Terror Operation” (ATO) that is going on in eastern Ukraine and is de facto a war of the Ukrainian government against its own people. A surveillance camera captured the attack of the neonazis on tape.


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