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Our Man Yats: down to 4% support

by Vaska

Strange how we don’t get to hear of these facts from our mainstream media, usually so slavish in repeating whatever the Kiev propaganda machine dishes out:

“A catastrophic collapse of (Prime Minister Arseniy) Yatsenyuk’s ratings from 22 to four percent and the falling ratings of other top officials makes him resort to political tricks, such as spiraling up anti-communist hysteria in a bid to divert public attention from destructive actions of the authorities,”

Andrey Zolotarev, the head of the Third Sector Centre, told a news conference.


  1. Public approval of the US congress has been in the single digits for years and this is not even considered newsworthy. Record low turnouts in last November’s mid-terms show that many have give up on “change” from within the system.

    • Yes. That’s precisely the point: our mainstream media are no longer serving democracy and the democratic process itself.

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