VIDEO: “It seems no one heard about the truce here”

We are driving there [to Shirokino village in the Donetsk area] right after the OSCE observers. At these moments, the shelling dies down. But as soon as they leave Ukrainian mortars start falling all over.

Warning: graphic content

Video from REN TV.

co-founding editor of OffGuardian (retired)

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co-founding editor of OffGuardian (retired)

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The OSCE will simply make a note of it, but won’t escalate this as a serious issue. This is another organisation that has proved to be toothless just like the UN, they are there to give the impression they are neutral but America calls the shots.
Weak EU vassal states pretend they the don’t know what is going on. It’s incredibly disheartening for the people in these areas. It’s obvious they want them out; ethnic cleansing


So, Kiev observes the truce for as long as the OSCE observers are in an area. The moment the OSCE moves on, Kiev violates the truce and starts shelling the place.

And the OSCE is supinely accepting this state of affairs.

What a total farce the OSCE has become. This Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe is now effectively just shilling for NATO in Ukraine and letting Kiev keep committing and provoking further bloodshed — because those who’re advising Kiev really, really don’t want peace in Donbass.