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Ukraine Media Caught Lying about Rebel Use of Phosphorous — Fort Russ

The following subtitled vlog clip by Anatoliy Shariy exposes another failed attempt of the Kiev Junta to make propaganda.

In his typically humorous tone, Shariy shows a Ukrainian article circulating the internet, including social networking sites like Facebook.

This article claims that a supposed UAF groupment called the “Crimea Battalion” has come under fire from rebels using white phosphorous.

Shariy shows us the ‘evolution’ of the photo, which proves to simply be a ‘mirror image’ of the photo taken earlier in the year in June.  This was a photo taken ostensibly by rebel forces, showing the use of white phosphorous by the Kiev Junta’s forces.

While the June photo showing Kiev Junta’s use of white phosphorous may or may not be authentic, there is no doubt that the Ukraine story from the ”Crimea Battalion” is fake, given the prior use of the same photo some ten months ago.

Link to original in Fort Russ


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