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VIDEO: Protest against foreign interference in Ukraine at Kiev’s US embassy

Ukraine’s news outlet Utro reports:

On April 14th, the public movement “Right?Yes!” held a protest against foreign intervention in the internal affairs of Ukraine. The peace rally named “Silent protest” was attended by over a thousand people who were protesting silently, with dark tape taped on their mouths.

The bottom line is that people have long got tired of the mess in the country, the senseless military actions and the cynical looting of everything that has not yet been stolen. It is of course possible to deceive the people, but only up to a certain time, after which even the most obtuse realize that Ukraine has become a testing ground for a showdown of two super-powers. The purpose of this action was to make the people begin to understand this and see it clearly.

The protesters gathered near the US Embassy in Ukraine with posters and slogans from “Hands off Ukraine!” to “We aren’t cattle!”. These placards and slogans were facing the building of the US embassy, which the people begins to blame for the chaos which is happening in Ukraine.

Link to original source in Russian


More videos and photos of this demo here.



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