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VIDEO: Right Sector lawlessness in Kherson, Ukraine

Watch video how “patriots” of “Right sector” beaten activists of another public organizations in the Kherson RSA. It happened on April 8, 2015. In the video there are a few repetitions, may be difficult to watch it.

Adherents of “Right Sector” mostly are masked, have camouflage, or scarves covering half of face. There was, at least, about few dozens of them against 3-4 activists of another organizations. Members of “Right sector” beat people who tried to stop beatings, it is clear in the video.

“Ukrainian patriots” attacked by group their opponents, in middle of video you can see how brave man beat 2 fascists, one by one, then he get this possibility. You can see in the video that fascists have guns, at least 2 guns were pulled out by fascists during this tension. Also, you can see teens in the ranks of “Right sector”, especially in end of video.

It is worth noting that at this video especially active was member of “Right sector” Andrew Nalivaiko (in blue jacket), who was suspected of killing one policeman and wounding two more, but let go free under pressure of “Euromaidan”.

Thus, you can clear understend whom US supports in Ukraine.

Chaos in Ukraine: “Right sector” beaten public activists from another organizations in the Kherson

A comment by John Doe to the above YouTube video helps to clarify its context:
“The Right Sector thugs are trying to get into the people’s council in order to intimidate them and force their demands on the people.”


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