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Polish General repudiates his support for Ukraine

Polish General Waldemar Skrzypczak supported Ukraine’s killings in Donbass, but when the Ukrainian Parliament adopted a law glorifying the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA), which had murdered his uncle as well as 100,000 Poles during the World War II, Waldemar Skrzypczak repudiated his support for Ukraine.

General Waldemar Skrzypczak, former commander of the Polish Army (2006-09) and former Polish Deputy Minister of Defence (2012-13), said in an interview with the newspaper Gazeta Prawna (GP), “I repudiate everything that I said earlier about supporting Ukraine”. He believed that there isn’t any reason to believe that Ukraine is a friend of Poland. He came to that conclusion after the Verkhovna Rada passed a law glorifying the UPA, who were responsible for killing 100,000 Polish civilians during the Volyn Massacre of 1943-44. What’s worse, the vote on the law occurred right after Polish President Bronisław Komorowski gave effusive compliments to Kiev. Skrzypczak told GP, “The UPA killed my uncle, nailed him to the door of a shed, and he died only after lingering there for three days. Their savagery was beyond human imagination. Even the Nazis didn’t go as low as the Ukrainians did. Besides this, the murder of Poles by Ukrainians began not in 1943, but rather in September 1939. How many know that when our soldiers retreated to Hungary and Romania, armed Ukrainian gangs attacked them? I’d like to know what future Ukrainian President Poroshenko intends to build and on what basis… on bloodthirsty nationalism? It’s horrible. Ukrainians have to rid themselves of nationalism; otherwise, it’d be very difficult, almost impossible, for Poles to cooperate with them”.

Earlier, Skrzypczak had said, “The Ukraine needs weapons”. As aired in January 2015 on Polskie Radio dla Zagranicy (Polish Radio External Service), he said that the Ukrainians needed weapons for offensive operations, particularly tanks, “We have surplus tanks that we can repair and provide to the Ukraine. However, we must give them ammunition along with the tanks, as they’re going to have to be able to fight Russian tanks”. He also added that the sooner Ukraine gets weapons, the better, because the strengthening the Ukrainian army would quickly jumpstart peace negotiations, because sanctions “don’t impress the Kremlin”. Skrzypczak noted, “Ukraine lacks the military capability to defeat the separatists”.

Via Truth about situation in Ukraine, that links to the original source in Polish.


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