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VIDEO: Nazis march in Odessa, April l7

Sputnik International reports:

[…] A group of neo-Nazis organized a march in the Ukrainian city of Odessa to commemorate the death of Maxim Chaika, the leader of Ukrainian ultranationalist organization “Blood and Honor,” local media reported.

Around 200 Ukrainian neo-Nazis gathered at the march, shouting racist, anti-communist and nationalistic slogans. Among the many slogans that the nationalists used, the most prominent ones were “The White man is for the Great Ukraine,” “One race, one nation, one homeland,” and “Hang the commies,” according to Odessa’s […]

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  1. Guest says

    It upsets me greatly when I see young people, teenagers adopting such terrible, destructive ideologies.
    Ukraine has no future if they keep going in this direction.

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