Amnesty International: Suspicious deaths put Ukrainian authorities in hot seat

The killing of journalist Oles Buzyna on a Kyiv street this week was shocking enough in and of itself.

According to Ukraine’s Interior Ministry, the 45-year-old journalist – who was widely known for his pro-Russian views – was gunned down by masked assailants in a drive-by shooting.

But what makes his murder especially chilling is the fact that it is just the latest among a string of suspicious deaths of former allies of Ukraine’s deposed former President Viktor Yanukovych. It came only a day after a member of Ukraine’s political opposition, Oleg Kalashnikov, was also found shot dead in the capital.

This week’s deaths are not alone. Since the end of January, several allies of Ukraine’s deposed former President Viktor Yanukovych have been found dead – many of them in suspicious circumstances. […]

Beyond the lingering lack of justice for the EuroMaydan deaths, and the more recent spate of deaths of opposition members this year, the organization has also documented a worrying rise in other forms of persecution.

Opposition politicians are facing mob violence, often carried out by groups or individuals affiliated with the right-wing.

Meanwhile, members of the media are suffering harassment at the hands of the authorities. Among them is the journalist and prominent blogger Ruslan Kotsaba – recently named as Amnesty International’s first Ukrainian prisoner of conscience in five years. […]

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co-founding editor of OffGuardian (retired)

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The story does not mention that the latter two killings came just days after details of the two murdered men’s private information, including their residential addresses, were published on a website initiated by a member of the Ukrainian government for the purpose of reporting separatists and traitors. The same Ukrainian government member tweeted congratulations to the “agent” responsible for their deaths and reported he had received a reward for his good work.


This comes at the same time as news that the region of Ivano-Frankivsk in west Ukraine has banned all opposition parties,


and a Lviv policeman was murdered and dragged 13 km by a horse-drawn cart.


European values, baby.


And no government in Europe, with the exception of that of Russia, so much as registers concern or protest at the fascist methods of silencing political opposition that Kiev clearly tolerates — or possibly even actively instigates.