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Ukrainian website calls for deportation and internment of dissenters – Fort Russ

Dozens of activists were arrested on April 16 in Odessa; see video below with English subtitles.

[…] Fans of the Kremlin should be confined for up to  five years, until regime and mentality changes in Russia, or they should be offered to leave on their own.

This idea was put forward by website “Khvylya”, close to the administration of Poroshenko .

“The National Security Council should adopt a decision about the deportation from Ukraine to the Russian Federation of persons who are potential candidates for the dead in the name of the glory of the “Russian world” [Ukrainian media is putting the blame for recent murders in Ukraine on Putin – KR]. Deportation for their own safety, as shooting them on the territory of the Russian Federation loses all meaning. Let them go and preach that they are victims of Bandera terror and repressions, for which they may even make some money. We do not care, because none of us are going to refute the thesis of the Kremlin about the fascist junta and the banderites” […]

Read in full at Fort Russ


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