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Man critically injured by Baltimore police has died in hospital

From RT

A man who was injured while being arrested in Baltimore last week has died, just hours after hundreds of people rallied outside Baltimore Police Station to protest against how seriously he was injured.

Freddie Gray’s stepfather, Richard Shipley, confirmed his stepson had died. His statement was confirmed by a Shock Trauma [hospital] spokesman.

According to police, Gray was first stopped by officers at 8:39am on April 12. He then managed to run away but was caught one minute later and arrested. At 8:54am he was placed in the prisoner transport wagon and taken to the Western District police station. At 9:54am an ambulance was called to treat him.

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Apr 21, 2015 4:38 AM

This was by far the most shocking; I watched tge video of this mans arrest filmed on a camera phone by the public; it is clear that the damage to him was done during the arrest and before they put him in the policeman.
They had to drag him to the van, he could no longer walk.
This need to be an election issue in the usa