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VIDEO: “Good rockets / War in Ukraine” (18+)

A video by musician and amateur filmmaker Artem Grishanov has gone viral on Youtube, providing a harsh commentary on the divide between Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko’s impassioned rhetoric about the conflict in eastern Ukraine and his own military’s destructive campaign, which has affected tens of thousands of civilians.

The video, with subtitles in English, features the Ukrainian president speaking with tears in his eyes about an unexploded rocket landing in a residential yard, and is followed by imagery of the Ukrainian military’s shelling of residential areas in the Donbass, and local residents’ reactions of terror and resistance. The video features original music by Grishanov about the Ukrainian government’s “‘kindness’ falling on our homes” in the form of rockets. […]

Read “Real Face of War: New Video of Ukraine Conflict Stirs Up Internet (18+)” in full at Sputnik International



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