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Kiev sees Putin’s hand in latest ‘Elle’ cover

A Louis Vuitton dress featured on an Elle magazine cover has caused a scandal in Ukraine, accused of being sponsored by Russian President Putin. Activists say it’s no coincidence that the dress’s colors are those of Russia’s symbol of Victory Day.

Black and orange dress from Louis Vuitton recent collection has become the cause of the whole kerfuffle as it indeed matches colors of the Georgian Ribbon, a symbol of annual Victory Day celebrations since 2005, when, the highest military decoration in Imperial Russia in the past, it has adopted a new cultural usage.

In the banner featuring the new issue of Elle, 34-year-old actress Michelle Williams is posing in the orange-and-black striped dress.

But MPs and activists in Kiev have come up with their vision of Elle’s cover. They suspect a Kremlin ploy to mark the 70th anniversary of the end of WWII.

The magazine, translated into Russian, as well as plenty of other languages, is now under attack for – quote unquote – how “Putin’s money transforms global consciousness.”[…]

Read Battle dress: Kiev lashes out at Elle mag over ‘Putin’s hand’ in cover photo in full at RT


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