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Miners protest in Kiev

TASS reports:

KIEV, April 22. /TASS/. Thousands of miners, protesting in central Kiev since Wednesday morning, have approached the government building, demanding a meeting with Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

According to the Federation of Miners’ Trade Union, up to 5,000 miners from across Ukraine take part in the action. The government building is heavily protected by police.

Law enforcement officers protecting the parliament building are also advancing towards the government building.

Rattle of mining helmets can be heard all over the capital. Miners are also flocking to the square in front of the parliament. People driving by support them with honks.

Miners threaten an indefinite strike if their demands on wage debt payments, support for the industry and dismissal of the energy minister, Vladimir Demchishin, are not met.

Antifashist.com adds:

[…] According to UNIAN, more than 500 miners have already broken through the first cordon of protection on Bankova Street in Kyiv and came right up to the building of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine demanding the payment of wage arrears. As the MIR24 [union] miners are chanting: “Give us back Yanukovych and with him a salary.” The miners they promise to paralyze traffic in the city center if they are not listened to.[…]


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