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VIDEO: Shock in Germany as Azov nazis brought in for treatment


Photo: A news broadcast by German ZDF station on September 8 showed soldiers of the Ukraine Azov Battalion near Mariupol with Nazi symbols on their helmets.

I think it’s absolutely normal for the badly wounded in the war to be cured here, in Germany. But that is acceptable only if we do not do it selectively, so we must cure also civilians and maybe people [combatants] from the other side. But to seek the people from the Ukrainian side, even from the fascist organizations — I think this is monstrous.


  1. Guest says

    Germany are playing a Double game here, serving american interests, but trying to appear to their public as if they are promoting peace.
    All Merkels actions however show she has followed U.S. policy in ukraine and in effect is supporting a fascist regime.

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