Confrontation with Russia a Mistake

Magdalena Ogorek, the presidential candidate for the Democratic Left Alliance of Poland, has called for the lifting of the sanctions against Russia and for a normalization of relations between the two countries.

Ogorek underscored that her opinion is supported by a growing number of Polish people who are afraid of rising tensions in the region.

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I used Google Translate to get the basic drift of your comment, and yes, I agree with your view that sooner or later, Ukrainians will realize how badly they’ve been fooled and manipulated by the U.S. and the E.U. In the meantime, we have a very vicious form of ethnic prejudice — Russophobia — rampant and officially encouraged, its atavastic passions inflamed by the mass media, in Ukraine and in some other parts of Europe: a very dangerous situation as those of us who know history can appreciate.

Börje Nilsson

Förr eller senare kommer Ukrainas medborgare att inse hur lurade det blivit.
Om medborgarna inte får full och öppen insyn i hur ryssarna bedriver sin politik, i motsats till USA-s och EU-s inflytande i Ukraina. Kommer medborgarna att hata USA och EU samt de som givit regimen i Kiev sitt stöd.
Kanske en ny revolution och kräva att många i regimen ställs till svars med fängelse som påföljd.
Dagens Ukraina är en nu järnridå likt den under sovjettiden men omvänt nu mot Ryssland.