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OUN battalion refuses to join Ukraine army


A volunteer of the OUN Battalion during a ceremony before being sent to eastern Ukraine, near St. Sophia Cathedral in Kiev, Ukraine, 17 March 2015. [Demotix]

[…] The volunteer battalion of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) refused to pass to the control of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Battalion Commander Nikolai Kokhanivsky said.

“No we come under no one’s command. This decision was made taking into account that we were roughly disarmed and dismissed in violation of all the agreements with the Ukrainian Armed Forces,” Kokhanivsky said.

He added that “if the country needs volunteers but it treats warriors protecting it like that,” then battalion troops do not want to be an official unit in the army. […]

Read in full Battalion of Ukrainian Nationalists Refuses to Come Under Army’s Command at Sputnik International

Video with Kokhanivsky’s statements from 112 Ukraine channel:


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