Kiev Rehabilitates Nazi Collaborators

by Vaska

A little more than two weeks ago, on April 9, the Kiev regime supported by the U.S. and the increasingly less enthusiastic E.U. passed a new law which bans communism and all its symbols, while it at the same time rehabilitates and legitimizes the Nazi-collaborationist Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) and the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA).

To make their ideological direction and sympathies quite clear to the populace at large, the parliamentarians in Kiev have also made any public criticism of these organizations a criminal offense, specifying that “Public denunciation of the role of OUN-UPA in restoring the independence of Ukraine is illegal.”

It is now illegal in Ukraine to utter or publish any criticism of the groups that, together with the German Nazis, committed some of the most heinous crimes and atrocities of WWII.

In a final gesture meant to establish the ideological primacy of Nazi collaborators in this current, NATO-backed Ukraine, Kiev has also moved the “Defender of Ukraine Day” from February 23 to October 14, a day believed to mark the date of the UPA’s foundation.

One of the more cynical aspects of the new laws is that while they ban both communist and Nazi symbols such as the swastika, they tacitly allow (or is it approve of?) the use of the wolf’s head, a neo-Nazi symbol favoured by the likes of the notorious Azov Battalion and others.

As Alex Lantier and Stefan Steinberg put it:

The ban on the swastika will not inconvenience the fascistic groups that support the Kiev regime, such as the Right Sector or Aidar militias or the Svoboda Party—many of which adopted the wolf’s head rune or other fascist symbols as less nakedly pro-Nazi alternatives to the swastika. Indeed, insofar as the bill prevents these groups from sporting swastika symbols, this aids the Kiev regime by hiding its political coloration….

For more details, see here.

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