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VIDEO: Right Sector attacks protesters in Zaporozhye


Fort Russ translation of a Rusvesna report:

A rally, held April 26 in Zaporozhye, ended with a mass brawl.

At noon, about 40 residents gathered in front of the exhibition hall “Kozak Palace”, holding up placards demanding a lustration of the current government to raise pensions, and not to cancel social benefits to the people.

A few minutes later, the protesters blocked the roadway.

As soon as it happened, the unsanctioned rally participants were attacked by militants of the ”Right Sector”, and a scuffle ensued

It is reported that several protesters were arrested, involved in the fight, who were taken to the police station. […]


More photos by Irina Belokolos of the attack on the protesters in Truth about situation in Ukraine


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