Ukrainian army and Right Sector exchange accusations of provocation

Right Sector picketing the Presidential Administration in Kiev today (more pictures at Unian).

Hundreds of Right Sector ‘ultra-nationalist’ activists gathered outside Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko’s administrative building in Kiev Wednesday, carrying the red-and-black flag of the organization and chanting anti-government slogans.

The protest was organized in opposition to the dismantling of so-called ‘volunteer units’ in the country’s east, including Right Sector units reportedly operating in Dnepropetrovsk. Speaking at the event, the group’s information Chief Artem Skoropadsky warned the Right Sector will not surrender their weapons and will defend themselves according to the “laws of war.” He added that the rally will last until “the presidential administration is burned to the ground.”

TASS reports:

[…] The Right Sector said the authorities are planning a large-scale provocation against the volunteers and urged their “brothers in all other Ukrainian volunteer movements to gather in front of the presidential administration building on April 29.”

“Airborne troops’ movements in the Dnipropetrovsk Region are related to exercises,” the Defense Ministry said. “All statements being spread in the Internet regarding the situation in the Dnipropetrovsk Region are expected to raise tensions in society and prove attempts at armed provocations in the territory of Ukraine on the eve of May holidays,” the Defense Ministry said. […]

Gazeta.ru reports

In case the Ukrainian authorities do not comply with the requirements of “Right Sector” the group will organize a new meeting, during which it will burn down the presidential administration of Petro Poroshenko. As reported by “Ukrainian Truth”, this was said by the representative of “Right Sector” Artem Skoropadsky.

“This one will be a warning rally. If the government does not hear us, in the next rally we will burn the presidential administration, “- said Skoropadskyi.

The representative of the group said that “Right Sector” wants to enter the armed forces as an autonomous unit, but is opposed to legalization [adherence to the military chain of command].

Earlier, the group said that Poroshenko promised not to disarm the “volunteers.”

Ukrainian army checkpoint set up yesterday near Right Sector’s base in the Dnipropetrovsk ATO area (Twitter @Serggenadich1)

Antifashist.com reports:

The troops of the Ukrainian army came in tanks to disarm the battalion “Right Sector”. Dmitry Yarosh immediately responded at this, accusing the government of deliberate provocations against the volunteer battalions. The soldiers of RS, who had to join the ranks of ATO, are going to a rally in central Kiev. “Right Sector” demonstrates independence from the authorities, causing fear in the President of Ukraine.

“Right sector*” called on supporters to take to the streets of Ukrainian cities to protest against the actions of Ukrainian authorities. They are, according to their leader Dmitry Yarosh, trying to discredit the volunteer battalions, “pitting” them against ATO soldiers. The conflict between “Right Sector” and the armed forces may result in a serious confrontation.

ATO against “Right Sector”

Messages calling for a protest against the actions of Ukrainian authorities appeared on the website of the “Right Sector” yesterday. “The government is preparing a large-scale provocation against volunteers. Therefore, for the prevention of such operations against our brothers, we call on all the volunteer movement in Ukraine to go under the walls of the presidential administration today, April 29, at 12 o’clock. We call on all concerned patriots-nationalists and supporters of “Right Sector” to join the action and plead together for hundreds of our brothers, fathers and friends who put life in the struggle for a peaceful future” – said a statement released by the representatives of the organization.

Militants urged supporters to take to the walls of local administrations to support the main campaign in Kiev. According to Ukrainian media, the Kiev police are in a state of alert.

The authorities have not yet made any statement in response to allegations made by RS, despite the fact that Dmitry Yarosh did not mince words, accusing them of deliberate provocation. It is interesting that in early April it was reported that Yarosh took over as adviser to the Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and “Right Sector” would be part of the armed forces as a single battalion. At the same time, volunteer battalions were to leave their staging area in the Donbass. Apparently, this did not happen.

Yesterday “Right Sector” reported that one of their bases in the zone of the military operation against the militia was surrounded the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Members of the organization said this on its website. According to them, the base in the village of Velikomikhailovka in the Pokrovsky region of Dnipropetrovsk was surrounded by soldiers of the 25th and the 95th Airborne brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. […]

What was happening was immediately reported to the leader of RS Dmitry Yarosh. He tried to contact the General Staff, but to no avail. “Chief of Staff Viktor Muzhenko did not answer my call, and we were unable to discuss the situation immediately. Although it was clear that without an order from the General Staff this operation could not be carried out,” – he said, immediately accusing Kiev of deliberate provocation. […] He also added that at the scene arrived just mobilized soldiers, who demanded that “Right Sector” hand them over their weapons. “I gave an order to all units – do not surrender weapons. We can not prohibit anybody from defending our land and fighting with Russian aggressors, “- said the leader of the group.

Poroshenko’s fears

Ukrainian political scientist, director of the Kiev Center for Political and Conflict Studies Mikhail Pogrebinsky is sure that, despite the independence of the “Right Sector” from the Ukrainian authorities, Poroshenko will be able to negotiate with Yarosh. […]

The political scientist is sure that today “Right Sector” is an autonomous force that obeys no one. “Obviously, Poroshenko is afraid of “Right Sector”. He fears them more than the militias and Vladimir Putin. He does not dare to make any serious political steps, because he does not feel he fully controls the people with arms. The nationalists have a serious opportunity for the amateur. In fact, other volunteer battalions too independent. Formally them somewhere enrolled, but in fact they are autonomous, “- said the source. […]

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The Russians are still living under the illusion of the soviet lies and propaganda that anything that is promoting Ukraine self-governess and statehood and anyone that is Ukrainian and support the self-governess and state is Banderist and fascists neonazi support .

The Ukrainian Army UPA and OUN-B and Ukrainians don’t hate rally hate anyone in particular if they hate anyone at in particular its Russians not Jews like Russians and Putin’s propaganda today like to spin the facts ..

Back in the day UPA hate everyone who tried to control, occupy and rule over Ukraine . They hated the Mongols who destroyed the Kievan Rus empire, the Ottoman Turks, the Poles, the Austrians, the Germans, the Russians.

Having the richest soil in Europe proved to be an impossible asset to protect, but Ukrainians fought to the death to hold onto it. It was a fight for survival of the fittest. When the US helped USSR and Poland during World War II, it did so at the expense of Ukrainian blood.

Russia likes too targets all Ukrainians that dream of a free Ukraine without Moscow control as co-conspirators to the Hitlersnazis and forgetting to also point out that Stalin was the biggest partner with Hitler from 1938-1941 Also another fact that is overlooked is that the inn actual numbers, Ukrainians were far greater victims and killed in grater numbers then all others in ww2 even grater than were the numbers of the Jews in World War II .

At first, the Ukrainians were happy when Germany invaded because many of them was believing they were going to be liberated from Satanic Stalins Soviet Union and evil. Russians beloved Stalin had already only 5 years before done a genocide in Ukraine and killed over 10mill Ukrainians in 1932-1933 (holodomor ) so it is understandable that Ukrainians at the time was more worried about Stalin then they was worried about Hitler,, And the fact was that the Germans were promising independence for Ukraine from Stalin’s Soviet Russia at the time. Just like the Germans did with Finland when Finland got help for Germany fight of Stalin’s invasion of Finland back in the day.. No one calls the finish people neonazis when they remember and respect their Finish heroes from ww2 now do they …Ukraine was no more germannazi friendly then Finland Ukraine was at the time fighting off Stalin’s terror and aggression just like Finland was back in the day…

Ukrainians later found out that Hitler was lying and only came to rob Ukraine of everything of value; food, their children, their young men / women to be used as a labor force, and in addition,trainloads of Ukrainian black soil were routed to Germany by trains hole villages was wiped out for its farmland.

The Ukrainian people didn’t have any independent action against the Jews at the time ; since either the Russians or the Germans orchestrated and dominated them and the Ukrainian people and Ukraine was under ether Russian and/or German dominant control at the time So for Russia too blame the horror of what some Jews want though on Ukraine too white wash their own crimes is nothing more then typical Russian propaganda .

Let us take a look at before ww2 started

Ukraine under Russian occupation and Stalin control Stalin imposed a man made famine-gggenocide, which took 10 million lives in 1932-33. Russian propaganda doesn’t tell you that farmland was repopulate by others sent to Ukraine that was friendly and sympathetic to Moscow’s communist rule and that the Ukrainian villages were totally wiped out by Russian beloved Stalin’s NKVD thugs.. this artificially-createdgenocide famine and ethniccleansing done by the soviet communists NKVD and Stalin on the Ukrainian population was done so Stalin got a stronger hold on the Ukrainian population and to hold on to occupied Ukraine… Almost all the farms of the starved Ukrainians, the Russian communist sent by Stalin from all over USSR was repopulate by communist friendly Jews and others from fare east of the soviet union Ukrainian lands was taken over by Stalin’s communist and the communist Jews were instrumental in hiding the fact that there was a genocide as Stalin brought in families from all over Russia to re-populate the missing and later the Soviet Union arranging guided tours of international news reporters to show them that there was NO starvation here! Further, Stalin’s infamous henchman Lazar Kaganovich, of Jewish origin, was responsible for collectivization, and engineered the terrible 1933 famine that killed 10 mill Ukrainians (ref. Andrew Gregorovich, 1998-2000).

During World War II, Ukrainian population lost another 10 million people too the war . Hitler occupied Ukraine totally, and the well-manicured fields and villages of Ukraine were repeatedly a battleground. Both Stalin and Hitler wanted to erase Ukrainians, both burned out Ukraine upon retreat, leaving uncounted numbers to die from starvation and exposure in the winter. Subsequently, Stalin publicly listed those casualties as Russian casualties, not Ukrainian. In later years, Khrushchev included 16 million civilians. The majority of these victims were non-Russian, mostly Ukrainians


Ukraine lost more people in WW II than any other European country, estimated at 11 million people just google Stephan G. Prociuk (Annals of the Ukrainian Academy of Arts and Sciences in the US):


“At the end of the war, Ukraine lay in ruins; the populations had declined by 25 per cent — that is by approximately 10.5 million people; 6.8 million killed or died of hunger or disease, and the remainder had been evacuated or deported to Soviet Asia as political prisoners or had ended up as slave labor or émigrés in Hitler’s Germany…”Google for Ann Lencyk Pawliczko in Ukraine and Ukrainians Throughout the World (University of Toronto Press, 1994, ).

UPA and OUN did not hate Jews like Russian and Putins propaganda will like you to believe anymore then they hated anyone else UPA/ OUN hated any one that helped the communist soviets including any Jews that helped the Russian soviet communists in other-words anyone who sided with the Soviet Russians, Jew or not Jews YES Anyone who worked for the Polish Jew or not ANYONE that occupied Ukraine UPA hated.

Before ww2 they hated the Jews who sided with the Austrian or the Polish or the Russians aristocracy at the time when those nations was occupying Ukrainian land. But not because they was Jewish but because they was Ukrainian Jews taking side with a occupied enemy force. In-fact UPA and ONU disliked anyone no matter who they was if they sided with any nation that was trying to take over Ukrainian lands..

No wonder that numbers of Ukrainians admire the nationalists to day—commonly known by Russians propaganda as Banderites, the followers of Stepan Bandera—who fought

Polish rule in 1921-39

Soviet rule in 1939-1941

GermanNazi rule in 1941-44,

Soviet rule 1945-1955 / 1991++

And now Ukrainian nationalists is fighting Russian hegemony control in East Ukraine and the annexation of lands in the South from 2013+++++++

Question.. Why in Russia if a ethnic Russian is fighting for Russia undercover war in Ukraine he is called a national patriot But if a ethnic Ukrainian is fighting to protect his land Ukraine (not undercover ) then Russia calls him a nationalists neonazi Ukrainian….

Western observers point to nationalist excesses and condemn them because they are only getting the Moscow propaganda version. And that’s way they are missing the point, Saying Bandera was a traitor to the soviet is somewhat like saying that Thomas Jefferson and George Washington don’t deserve to be founding fathers because they had slaves and was English under the crown of England at the time.

What Ukrainians see in Brandea and the nationalist is a strong-willed individuals who were willing to die for their ideals of independence and freedom.

Just like what Americans see in Thomas Jefferson and George Washington..

And not what I am sure King George of England looked upon Thomas Jefferson and George Washington as traitors to the English crown and rule.. That is some what like Russia looks upon Bandera and Ukrainian nationalist today as traitors to the soviet Russian rule..hens Moscow’s Rule,,And it must therefore come as no surprise why Putin today just like Stalin back in his day try and discredit Bandera, OUN, UPA by calling them Germannazi collaborators..

Now lets look at some facts about UPA

The Ukrainian Army (UPA) controlled by the Germans was called Galizien Division. One provision the Galizien Division insisted on was that they fight only the Russians and not the western Allies

see link under
(http://infoukes.com/galiciadivision/essay, 2004). The WaffenSS Galizien recruited three times as many Dutchmen as Ukrainians

(http://infoukes.com/history/ww2/page-01.html, 2004) .

As far as anti-Semitism charges brought against them, “In its final report, issued March 12, 1987, the Deschenes Commission completely cleared the UPA and the Galicia Division of all charges of war criminal activity” (Google Andrew Gregorovich, 1998-2000).

For the three years Hitler occupied Germany, it ruled Ukraine, dividing it into five administrative districts. There was no Ukrainian government, therefore Ukraine can not have been a collaborator like say the exs. Vichy France, Hungary, Romania, or Slovakia (Google Andrew Gregorovich, 1998-2000).

The real Ukrainian army, a mere 200,000 Ukrainian partisans, was the UPA and they were not anti-Semitic. There were 8 Jewish doctors in the UPA, most valuable assets to the survival of an army.

Many Jews could be found in the UPA, as doctors and medical orderlies.

Stories of Jewish UPA doctors fighting it out with Germannazis or Soviets to the end to protect their patients were not uncommon. At its peak in 1944, the UPA had around 500,000 men and women from various nationalities within its ranks, working as soldiers, medics, informants, saboteurs, etc.”

(http://members.aol.com/shukhevych/, 2004) – no longer on web website hacked i wonder by who Mr Putin….

UPA actions intensified after WWII when former prisoners of war and slave workers, who were forcefully repatriated from Germany they got deported to Siberia and other remote parts of USSR (Compiled by George Skoryk, from information contained in Encyclopedia Britannica, 2004).

Ukraine was the only country that fought a 3-front war during WW II: against Poland, against Germany and against Russia. Hitler retaliated by killing 20 (later boosted up to 100) innocent Ukrainian citizens for every soldier he lost and then he ordered them to be strung up from balconies to rot, a reminder to those who would want to help the partisans.

By the way Bandera and OUN was no more Germannazis supporter than Finland was or even Poland Bandera was fighting soviet union when they invaded Ukrainian territory and city’s like Lviv (then part of Poland ) and the Hitler when he invaded Ukrainian territory… and before ww2 UPA was fighting Polish occupation of west Ukraine aka Galizia

What Russian propaganda convivially overlooks is that Bandera was in a German KZ camp Sachsenhausen concentration camp from 1941 until 1944 as a prisoner and so was all of UPA /OUN


Another thing Russian propaganda convivially overlooks is that Stalin and Hitler started ww2 be invading Poland together and splinting it up between them self’s..

Also let us not forget the fact the it was the Stalin and RuSSia that made it possible for Hitler to build up his naziarmy by giving him iron-ore and other need goods from 1939-1941 the soviet union was the strongest and most important partner of nazigermany ..It was only after June 1941 when Hitler turned on his good buddy Stalin and attacked the USSR that Stalin came running to the wast for help and the west said yes ok we will let you fight with us they did this well knowing that Stalin helped Hitler build his army and also because the west was thinking in terms like my enemy’s enemy is my friend policy and tactic

In 1941 relations between naziGermany and the OUN-B soured to the point where a germannazi document dated 25 November 1941 stated that “… the Bandera Movement is preparing a revolt in the Reichskommissariat which has as its ultimate aim the establishment of an independent Ukraine.


All functionaries of the Bandera Movement must be arrested at once and, after thorough interrogation, are to be liquidated…”.

On July 5, Bandera was arrested and transferred to Berlin.

On July 12, the president of the newly formed Ukrainian state, Yaroslav Stetsko, was also arrested and taken to Berlin. In January 1942, Bandera was transferred to Sachsenhausen concentration camp’s special barrack for high-profile political prisoners Zellenbau

The Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists under the leadership of Stepan Bandera decided to fight against the Hitler after they was arrested in 1941. Now that is NOT much collaboration now is it….

The Ukrainian Insurgent Army, known as UPA, was founded on Oct. 14, 1942 and started its resistance activities in nazioccupied Volyn. Struggling for an independent Ukraine, UPA had to fight against three enemies at the same time: germannazis, Soviet army and partisans and the Polish Home Army, which considered parts of western Ukraine as belonging to Poland. UPA took part in the Ukrainian-Polish War that unfolded during World War II and took thousands of Ukrainian and Polish lives. UPA existed until the late 1950s, when it was defeated by Soviet authorities.

Russians living in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. I really think that the Russians aren’t the ones to lecture Ukraine and Ukrainians about fascism, especially since they were the ones that signed the pact with the devil [nazigermany] and started World War II… and even today RuSSia are still glorifying Stalin,”. Hitlers good buddy in 1937-1941 Hitler and Stalin started ww2 together when the invaded Poland

Molotov-Ribbentrop Treaty. Secret protocols of the treaty defined the territorial spheres of influence Germany and Russia would have after a successful invasion of Poland On September 1,1939 Hitler’s forces invaded Poland from the west. According to plan, Soviet troops invaded Polish territory from the east on September 17. Poland surrendered on September 27. The next day Poland was partitioned according to the treaty’s scheme, ending a brief twenty year period as an independent nation.

Molotov-Ribbentrop Treaty. Secret protocols of the treaty “In fact, the nazisoviet Pact as the kick-off for World War II is probably the most surprising scenario that anyone could have imagined,” Moorhouse says. “That’s how you have to view it from the perspective of August 1939. The world was absolutely dumbstruck by this deal.”

Those twin agreements did in fact set the stage for the start of World War II. Within days of signing the pacts, now confident that the Soviets would not oppose him, Hitler invaded Poland. Britain and France declared war on Germany, and the war was underway.



Invasion of Poland by Stalin and Hitler

Hitler and Stalin the roots of evil

Let us take a look at Ukraine and Russia today

Take a look at Putins Russia today Jewish Leader Says that Russian neonazis are fighting for Moscow in Ukraine,

see link

The Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada (the Ukrainian Parlement / govermment ) has passed legislation submitted by the Cabinet on denouncing Communist and nazipropaganda totalitarian regimes are now band their propaganda and symbols…

The Ukrainian government are NOT MUCH OF neonazis now are they if they just made a band on nazipropaganda and made any nazisymbols illegal in Ukraine.

see link

Take a look at Putins Russia..

Jewish Leaders is now saying that Russian neonazis are coming from Russia and now are together with pro Russian Kremlin baked separatists fighting for Moscow in Ukraine,

see link

Alexander J. Motyl a professor of political science at Rutgers University-Newark USA specializing on Ukraine, Russia, and the former USSR. and one of the few people outside of Ukraine that understands that Bandera was not germannazi and that Russian propaganda about UPA and Bandera is just that propaganda once wrote in a artical ..

Professor Alexander J. Motyl once wrote in a artical SEE UNDER

( On July 2, I attended a book presentation at Kyiv’s “Ye” bookstore. Author Bohdan Zholdak had just published a novel about the ongoing war entitled “UKRY”— the derogatory name for Ukrainians that Russians use and that Ukrainians (like blacks with respect to (“nig#%#ger”) and gays with respect to (“f##ag”) have now appropriated. He dedicated the book to a young soldier, Zhora, who had been killed while returning to the front. Zhora’s mother spoke at the gathering—in Russian. And she concluded her stirring words with the nationalist Ukrainian call, “Slava Ukraini!” [Glory to Ukraine!] The audience responded with the nationalist Ukrainian response—”Heroyam slava!” [Glory to the heroes].

An outsider with no knowledge of Ukrainian language or culture might interpret the exchange as a right-wing nationalist ritual. It wasn’t. It was an assertion of dignity, humanity, and the right to determine one’s fate. )

Another thing is why Ukraine is not anti Jewish like Russia propaganda likes too make the world believe … Is that Ukraine today wants and itaterfoes with a western mindset and the Jews were the first group in history who wanted to assimilate into homogenous European society on their own terms, while preserving their distinct identity and religious beliefs. It turned out to be the first step toward liberalism, multiculturalism, tolerance and open-mindedness – all those modern trends that Russian leaders so ardently despise Jews present a slightly different point of view – simply because they are different. This position – simultaneously as insiders and outsiders – makes the Jewish culture in every country they inhabit sarcastic and skeptical. Jews therefore are the natural enemies of any society that strives for uniformity and takes IT VERY seriously. It is not a surprise, then, that Hitler, as he worked to turn back the clock on modernity and refashion Germany along tribal lines, directed his hatred against the Jews. And Stalin, too, a few short years after defeating Hitler, turned on the Jews as he tried to complete the regimentation of Soviet society.And of course there were plenty of Jews in the Communist Party in the late 1940s, most of them faithful Stalinists. None of that made any difference.

And what dose Putin’s Russia do well the west drink coffee and talk talk talk and Putin’s Russia makes makes a despot like Stalin a folk hero in Russia and rewrites history books and glorify s the USSR too schoolchildren and do this after they have all ready mad Stalin the 3rd greatest Russian in Russian history

Stalin is voted third greatest Russian in TV poll Brutal Soviet dictator Josef Stalin was voted Russia’s third most popular historical figure in a nationwide TV poll – despite the famine and purges that marked his rule.

The despot, who executed and imprisoned millions of people, narrowly missed the top spot by 5,500 votes More than a third of the country’s 143million population voted in the Name of Russia series, which crowned medieval war hero Alexander Nevsky


The shooting episode in Mukachevo this is a Russian FSB provocation helped along by Party of Regions people to make Right sector look bad and they did it in Mukachevo only few km. away from Hungrys and Moldovas borders (not fare from transnistria were Russia also has control) I suspect that this is i nice why to say that Right sector is now going after Hungarian speakers in Ukraines west to then use this with Budapest (that are already Putin friendly) to get the EU and Hungry to make problems for Kyiv in the EU..

Hungry is a and neighboring country with a Putin friendly gov. seeking to capitalize on Ukraine’s fragile state following the Euromaidan uprising.

In places like Berehove, a city of 24,000, 5 kilometers from the Hungarian border, it’s clear that Budapest has done more than pay lip service to its desire to create a “national reunification” beyond its borders. Children can go to Budapest-funded Hungarian schools and adults can make pilgrimages to monuments dedicated to Hungarian heroes. Ethnic Hungarians can enter Hungary on Hungarian passports and they can vote in Hungarian elections. PUTIN IS USING THIS TOGETHER WITH IS BUDDY IN BUDAPEST.

After World War I and the dissolution of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Hungary lost more than two-thirds of its former territory. Much of this is now part of Slovakia, Romania, and Croatia.

Zakarpattia, known to Hungarians as Transcarpathia, became part of the newly formed Czechoslovakia after World War I. In 1945, after World War II, it became part of the Soviet Union’s Ukrainian republic. (it was Moscow now Budapest good buddy that forced it into Ukraine in the first place )

A Hungarian extreme-right party, Jobbik, (and Putin friendly ) which received 20 percent of the vote in the April parliamentary elections, has called for those lands to rejoin Hungary proper.

Ukrainian Deputy Foreign Minister Natalya Halibarenko used this logic to dismiss pleas from the Hungarian autonomy movement in Ukraine that has being pressed by Budapest and with undercover Moscow support in border city’s along the Ukrainian and Hungarian borders like places like the city of Berehove telling a Hungarian newspaper that Orban’s (he Hungarian autonomy movement in Ukraine ) the Orban and his leadership and comments are played into Russia’s hands.


Rats fighting rats.
Has right sector outlived its use?
It’s really disconcerting to see neo nazi in a european City as part of the power structure. Europe should never have ignored this


Europe’s done worse than ignore it. EU intelligence services knew very well who these people are months and even years before the EU chose to associate itself with them to the extent of undermining the Budapest Memo in November 2013 and letting these types take over in February 2014. These days, Markel’s allowing Right Sector members to be brought to Germany for medical treatment.