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DPR: Map discovered with positions of Ukrainian BUKs on day of MH17 crash (updated)

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Detail of the Ukrainian military map captured by the DPR militia referred to in the report below. (DAN news) reports:

The authorities of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic [DPR] announced the discovery of a map with the positions of Ukrainian “BUKs” on the day of the crash near Donetsk of a Malaysian Boeing. This was reported by the Donetsk news agency.

The statement was made by the Deputy Commander of the DPR Defense Ministry Edward Basurin.

“Yesterday you [journalists] were shown commanders’ maps obtained from captured soldiers of Ukrainian units. Although all the documents have merit in one degree or another, one stands out particularly. This is a working map of the commander of the 1st Battalion of the 95th separate airmobile brigade, dating back to the beginning of July of last year” – said Basurin. “The most notable marks on the map are the starting positions of “BUK” medium-range anti-aircraft missile systems.”

It was noted that the DPR authorities plan to continue a careful study of these documents.

Earlier it was reported that 200 bags of debris were collected at the wreckage of the Malaysian Boeing.


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