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Radical MP: “Ukrainian patriots cleansed Odessa from evil”


Photo: Heavy military presence in front of the Odessa House of Trade Unions for the first anniversary of the May 2 2014 massacre. reports:

While the rest of the civilized world really commemorates the memory of the victims of the massacre at the Odessa House of Trade Unions, the nazi scum called this day the “Day of Victory over the Russian occupiers and their collaborators,” announced its holiday and said that they not only remember it, but are proud of what happened.

MyurshikThis was written in his Facebook by the Ukrainian deputy from the Radical Party of Oleg Lyashko and disgraced nazi Igor Mosiychuk*.

Designating the murder of Odessites as a day of “victory” for Ukrainian nationalists, Mosiychuk actually admitted that is was they who killed, burned and executed people on May 2, not the “wind” and not themselves, as the Ukrainian “investigation” proves.

“May 2 was a landmark day for Odessa including Ukraine as a whole. On May 2 last year, Ukrainian patriots defended the Ukrainian Odessa from invaders and collaborators. Not sparing their own lives and health, our patriots cleansed Odessa from evil spirits, and confirmed it as the southern Ukrainian outpost in the Black Sea. Then there was a war with the separatists and occupiers in the Donbass. There were victories and defeats. There was plenty of heroism and victory.

But the first victory for Ukraine’s fight with the ancient enemy was won by the Odessa patriots who defended their city from the enemy. I remember! I am proud! Congratulations, gentlemen! “- wrote Igor Mosiychuk.

Mosiychuk’s congratulations caused a flurry of indignation in social networks. People were shocked both by the recognition of the murder of Odessa citizens and the unprecedented cynicism of this deputy of Ukrainian “patriots”.[…]

* Mosiychuk (pictured above in the Ukrainian Rada) is seeking to maintain parliamentary immunity in order not to be investigated for corruption, after previous brushes with the law involving murder charges.


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