VIDEOS: Kiev march in memory of Odessa massacre and victims of political repression

by Systematic

Kiev Odessa
Today’s Kiev march of about 5000 people went under the slogan “Kyiv remembers Odessa. Do not forget, never forgive.” Several marchers were arrested. (Antifashist.com, also the report below)

[…] Along with portraits of slain opposition members, including Oleg Kalashnikov and Oles Buzina, protesters carried a shadow portrait of future unknown victims of the regime, the date of whose murder is still open. People also carried huge banners with the question “Who’s next?”, Not only in Russian and Ukrainian, but also in English. Some participants wore bandanas on their heads made of paper on which was written “Shoot!”. […]

More videos of this demo here.

Pictures of the demo at Truth about situation in Ukraine


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