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Zakharchenko: In accordance with Minsk-2

by Vaska

In reaction to Kiev’s continuing failure to control Ukrainian neo-Nazi militias and Rada’s refusal to engage in any meaningful discussions which could lead to a decentralized, federal Ukraine, there seems to be a hardening of position in the DNR itself. It now appears set to proceed with an independence process which, according to Alexander Zakharchenko, is fully in accordance with Minks-2.

Zakharchenko, whose signature is on the Minsk-2 agreement — which thus de facto recognizes DNR as a political entity in its own right — has now made it clear that the Donetsk People’s Republic has created its own border patrol guards and will soon begin controlling its borders. Plans are also under way for the setting up of a legal code for the DNR and for elections which will take place in accordance with the new laws.

While he dismisses Yatsenyuk as a potential negotiating partner – Yatsenyuk was not present at Minsk-2, where Kiev was represented by Poroshenko — the head of the DNR remains open to talks with the president of Ukraine.

In a recent interview, Zakharchenko had this to say about how DNR sees the future implementation of Minsk-2:

I am ready to sit down with the president of Ukraine Poroshenko to talk about a cease-fire, about the peaceful return of our territory, and the restoration of our infrastructure and our facilities destroyed by Ukrainian authorities.


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