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Chaos Descending on Saudi Politics?

by Vaska

According to the latest from FarsNews, “US Secretary of State John Kerry is asking Iran to help facilitate Yemen peace talks. Interestingly, Iran has been the one pushing for peace, while the US has loudly endorsed the Saudi war crimes. Now US officials seem to admit the aerial campaign has failed and that Iran is the key to getting the resistance movement of Ansarullah to the negotiating table.”

The Iranian description of Saudi actions in Yemen as war crimes is factually accurate according to international law. The news of Washington’s change of heart, if itself accurate, will be welcome in Yemen as the country is now facing a humanitarian emergency which requires an immediate ceasefire.

As we reported earlier today, only two days ago, in what can only have been an act of pure and infantile imperial spite, the U.S. had blocked an emergency UN Security Council resolution Russia had brought up calling for immediate ceasefire in Yemen and the start of negotiations — both badly needed so that humanitarian aid can reach the country.

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May 5, 2015 2:32 PM