Volunteers “harvest” 560 bodies of Ukrainian military from war zone

A mass funeral ceremony held in Dnepropetrovsk for 21 unknown soldiers killed in action, October 16 2014. (Daily Mail)

Antifashist.com reports:

More than five hundred corpses of Ukrainian punitives [members of volunteer battalions] and military killed during the war with the Ukrainian Donbass were found by searchers of the public association “Union of People’s Memory.” The state of Ukraine practically does not help the volunteers: the new authorities are not interested in the dead, who have not been able to bring some benefit to the regime.

This was told by the head of the organization Yaroslav Zhilkin, Interfax-Ukraine reports.

“We have been working since September 1 of last year, in a civil-military cooperation with the Armed Forces of Ukraine. And the result of our joint work is – 560 bodies were found up to today,” – said Zhilkin.

According to him, most of the bodies were found during field prospecting.

“I’m talking about the Ukrainian side – the military and the representatives of other parties [volunteer battalions],” – said Zhilkin.

According to the organization, the search operation is provided with fuel but there is no participation from other entities.

“Basically, and unfortunately, there is no participation of the state: no information – we do not know where to look, what the losses were, in which regions, nor, unfortunately, any material assistance – some resources that are required for transport, repairs and insurance payments to people who are risking their lives, performing a difficult job,” – he said.

Earlier, the commander of “Sparta” [DPR battalion] Arseny Pavlov [aka Motorola] said that search operations to extract “cyborgs” [Ukrainian soldiers who defended Donetsk airport] from the rubble of the Donetsk airport were suspended. The total at the time got to about 160 bodies of vulnerable “cyborgs.”


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