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VIDEOS: New anti-US picket in Kiev


Truth about the situation in Ukraine reports:

Today [May 13], residents of Kiev picketed the US embassy calling for an end to the US interference in Ukraine. People carried placards that read “USA, thanks for war”, “the US is grief of Ukraine”, “We are not cattle”, “the US policy is poverty for Ukraine”, “the US + weapons = War”, as well as photos of destructions and killed people of Donbass. They drew doves of peace and wrote different anti-war phrases with chalk on asphalt near the US embassy. They also burned their placards in protest under the slogan “Never again!”, hoping that the civil war waged by the US will end as soon as possbile. People had to hide their faces because you can easily be brought to trial for speaking out against the Kiev junta.

Videos of the picket you can find here:…/UCloLjyH0SXkyjz-D4DRrb3g/videos


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