Thousands protest austerity in Bristol


From The People’s Assembly

Thousands of people flooded the streets of Bristol in an anti-austerity demonstration which was organised by a group of young, determined women.

A group of seven teenagers organised the march, which opposed the Government’s austerity measures, on social media.

Support grew rapidly for Bristol Against Austerity, and by evening thousands of people packed every corner of Park Street as the demonstration snaked round the city centre.

Many of those who attended were angry, and the majority were young people bearing placards, who said they were disgusted at the Government’s attitude to the NHS and welfare spending.

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It must be noted that – as far as the mainstream media are concerned this event DID NOT HAPPEN.

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Daniel Rich

If the o,1% wants to survive, it has no other option but to ‘cull’ any form or sort of ‘competition.’

Money is printed on paper. It has no value in that sense.

Seamus Padraig
Seamus Padraig

Funny, Catte. I don’t see any mention of the Bristol protest over at The Graun. But I do see coverage of NATO’s latest color-rev attempt in Macedonia.


If the Graun doesn’t mention it – it doesn’t exist. We all live in the virtual reality of mainstream news media now, where green screen is the new truth. 🙂