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Chernobyl: The Last Lament

Jan Fabi’s brilliant new documentary short about the aftermaths of the Chernobyl disaster in April 1986.

…When on the night of the 26th April 1986, with the explosion in Reactor 4, one of the worst environmental disasters of the 20th century befell the Ukrainian city Chernobyl, Maria Patrovna and Hanna Zavorotnya were pursuing their everyday life. What they didn´t know at that time was, that their life had just forever changed.

In June 2014 I was given the rare opportunity to visit one of the most fascinating yet dangerous places I´ve ever been to. The numerous picturesque places within the exclusion zone oppressively reveal the decay of a once thriving city.

Armed with a geiger counter and a Blackmagic Cinema Camera I not only collected footage of impressive places, but also met two resettler for an interview. The result is a 10 minute documentary with an artistic approach….

Follow us on a time travel back into the Soviet Union; a time travel into one oft the darkest chapters of Ukrainian history. Enjoy watching!”

Read Jan’s full account of the background to this venture


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