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Varoufakis Speaks Out

by Vaska

After a month of innuendos, false leaks and accusations in the press concerning what went on at the April 24 Riga Eurogroup meeting, using his own blog as the forum on which to do so, Yanis Varoufakis has now posted a clear, direct – and admirably restrained — rebuttal of the press stories in question. This is how he ends his piece “The truth about Riga,” posted today, May 24:

To fellow Europeans I add this: Perhaps it is time we became a little more sceptical about the journalism we rely upon as citizens. And perhaps we should query European institutions in which decisions of monumental importance are made, on behalf of Europe’s citizenry, but in which minutes are neither taken nor published.

Secrecy and a gullible press do not augur well for Europe’s democracy.

For the full text of Varoufakis’s settling of accounts with the sort of journalism and journalists that can be bought by the institutions of financial and economic secrecy, see here.


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