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Saker predicts “very dangerous” few weeks as Poroshenko uses war to divert from economic collapse

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I am increasingly getting a feeling that Russia will now oppose any other kind of “efforts” or negotiations. Ukrainian suggestions that this or that new idea has to be discussed, are summarily dismissed in Moscow. The Russians seem to have concluded that they have the Ukrainians, the EU and the USA exactly where they want them to be and that the best thing to do now, is to wait.

In other words, neither the Ukronazi junta nor their US patrons are going to get anything out of Russia at this point. I believe that they understand that. Worse (for them), time is running out and the Ukrainian economy has essentially collapsed and for all practical purposes, is in a state of default (the Rada’s vote to allow Iats to choose which creditors to pay – or not – is, essentially, an admission of bankruptcy).

Barring a miracle of some kind, the Ukronazis will simply have to attack as a war or, better (from their point of view) a Russian “invasion” (which would be a liberation, of course) is now the only and last option left to cover up the total collapse not only of the US Ukrainian policy, but also of the entire “Independent Ukraine” project.

Of course, a major false flag is also a very real option.

The next couple of weeks will be very, very dangerous.

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Jun 6, 2015 5:29 PM

The EU / US will keep ukraine on life support so they can strip it of its assets.
The war is used by the west as way to expand military spending by hyping the Russian threat. And keep sanctions in place
ukraine is used for this purpose Poreshenko gives interview after interview saying the Russians are invading.