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VIDEO: Radicals assault LGBT protesters and police at gay pride rally in Kiev

by Systematic


Anti-gay protesters attacked police who guarded the event (BBC)

Dozens of radicals, members of the Right Sector among them, clashed with police and LGBT activists in Kiev, Saturday, during a gay pride rally through the city. Although a heavy police presence had been deployed to protect the activists, around 20 participants of the march and five police officers reportedly were injured, one of whom suffered a severe injury to the neck.


  1. biff Michael Appia says

    How are those rallies in Russia? Excuse my writing please.

  2. biff Michael Appia says

    So how are those rallies in Russia.

    “War Against the Weak”, Edwin Black.

  3. Guest says

    Why should they be surprise
    Yarosh is intolerant of all minorities.

  4. Kiev – the only place (apart from Saudi Arabia) where the EU/ US and neo-liberals everywhere think homophobia is just fine.

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