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VIDEOS: Kiev protesters demand Poroshenko impeachment

by Systematic


Russian RT reports:

Today in the Ukrainian capital was hosted a mass protest action with participants demanding the resignation of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. Thousands of people opposed to government policy gathered in the center of Kiev . Demonstrators marched through downtown with banners saying “Poroshenko! Get out of power! “and “Poroshenko – impeachment!”, under the slogan,” Lord, save us from this power. “

In the city center have gathered about 3 thousand people to take part in an anti-government rally, according to Tass. The activists protest “against chaos in the country” and require reform. At the moment, the protest has been completed.

The participants chanted: “Lord, save us from this government”, “The authorities are useless” and “We are starving.” The protesters also managed to cut off one of the central streets of Kiev, Khreschatyk. In addition, the protesters carried a large banner reading “Poroshenko – impeachment!” And chanted calls to remove the head of state from power.

The main venue for anti-government demonstrations was the Maidan. The rule of law during the protest was provided by enhanced police patrols.


  1. Francis Lee says

    Yes, although the Guran did use the term ‘far right’ to describe the thugs who broke up the banned gay pride march, they also referred to them as being ‘unknown assailants’. It seems this putative beacon of the centre-left simply cannot bring itself to utter the N-N word. Neo-nazi. The fact that Svoboda, Pravy Sektor, White Hammer and now Lyashko’s Radical Party have played and continue to play a leading role in the Madian Putsch and the present regime in Kiev, must at all costs be hidden from view. It would completely destroy the mainstream western media’s narrative.

    What a sorry state this publication has descended to. C.P.Scott no doubt is turning in his grave. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

  2. So far The Guardian only carries a report of a Gay Rights March attended by 300 marchers also taking place in Kiev today. The march was attacked by the far right. While wanting to diminish the importance of gay rights, which is the most important in the greater scheme of things at this moment in time? The obvious answer would have been to carry reports on both marches, in order to show exactly how much opposition to Poroshenko and his government. Maybe they’ll tuck it away in some obscure corner tomorrow.


    The Independent also gives great prominence to the Gay Rights March making it the fourth most Important story of the day.


  3. Guest says

    Good for the ordinary people of ukraine they are finding their voice.
    War is not working as a distraction!

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