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Is ISIS a theatre troupe?

Interview with Eric Margolis by Lew


There’s something very weird and strange and not right about ISIS. I watched events unfold…nothing looks right, nothing rings right. I covered 14 wars in my time as a war reporter and I’ve never seen anything like this. It looks more like theatre than actual fighting…. Eric Margolis


  1. Seamus Padraig says

    I have suspected from the start that ISIS is a dupe-group. The only interesting question here is which state(s) back(s) them: Saudi, Turkey, Qatar, Israel, or the US?

    OFF-TOPIC, but important:

    In case you guys are unaware, Russia Insider just published an exposé on The Guardian’s shameful lies concerning the recent gay-pride rally in Kiev that was viciously attack by Pravy Sektor:

  2. Guest says

    I have so many thought on isis that it would take so long to write them all down.
    I agree with the writers suspicions about isis

    Isis is a construct of the U.S. And its allies to overthrow Assad, but like all US plans it has developed a life of its own.
    The world wide recruitment of young people to join presenting a danger to Europe.
    The U.S. then intervened to try and control isis on the ground but not to defeat them.
    The open intervention of Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia to fund more rebels. Is part of the same plan.
    However Assad has allies who have stepped up their support.
    And we see with Turkey elections that Erdogan Islamist policies are not supported.
    The media only report on Syria when they can say something negative about Assad.
    Lavrov made the point recently that the west have focused on removing one man that they have been unwilling to fight isis. Indirectly supporting terrorism.

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