VIDEO: Masked attackers break up tent camp on Kiev’s Maidan

by Systematic

ukraine-activist-camp-attacked.siStill from Ruptly video below.

Unidentified assailants wearing balaclavas assaulted and destroyed a tent camp set up on Sunday by protesters on Kiev’s landmark Maidan Square. Activists at the camp had been calling on the Ukrainian President to report on progress since taking office.

The attack happened late Sunday evening, when a gang stormed the activist camp, forcefully removing tents and dispersing protesters.

Police officers were reportedly stationed right next to the site and did nothing to stop the violent group.

The organizer of the action, Rustam Tashbaev, was arrested, RIA Novosti reported. There were also blasts heard on Institutskaya Street near the Maidan.

In Ruptly’s video, assailants are seen ripping through the camp, tearing everything apart, and dragging protesters out of the tents, while they can be heard screaming in the background. […]

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