US House of Representatives: No training for “repulsive neo-Nazi Azov Battalion”

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The combat force of about 250 men [Azov Battalion] consists primarily of far-right activists, including around a dozen foreign volunteer fighters from countries such as Sweden, France, Finland, Italy and Russia. (Photo: Fausto Biloslavo/TRANSTERRA Media)

Late yesterday evening, the U.S. House of Representatives considered H.R. 2685, the “Department of Defense Appropriations Act of 2015.” During consideration of the legislation, Congressman John Conyers, Jr. (D-Mich.) and Congressman Ted Yoho (R-Fla.) offered bipartisan amendments to block the training of the Ukrainian neo-Nazi paramilitary militia “Azov Battalion,” and to prevent the transfer of shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles—otherwise known as Man-Portable Air-Defense Systems (MANPADS)—to Iraq or Ukraine.

“If there’s one simple lesson we can take away from US involvement in conflicts overseas, it’s this: Beware of unintended consequences. As was made vividly clear with U.S. involvement in Afghanistan during the Soviet invasion decades ago, overzealous military assistance or the hyper-weaponization of conflicts can have destabilizing consequences and ultimately undercut our own national interests,” said Rep. John Conyers. “I am grateful that the House of Representatives unanimously passed my amendments last night to ensure that our military does not train members of the repulsive neo-Nazi Azov Battalion, along with my measures to keep the dangerous and easily trafficked MANPADs out of these unstable regions.” […]

Read in full No love for Azov battalion from Washington in Fort Russ

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co-founding editor of OffGuardian (retired)

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Tragically, the amendment to block US funding of the Azov Battalion was removed from the bill due to Pentagon pressure. As James Carden says on January 14, 2016, “ What is clear is that by stripping out the anti-neo-Nazi provision, Congress and the administration have paved the way for US funding to end up in the hands of the most noxious elements circulating within Ukraine today.” The good news is, Donald Trump opposes US involvement in Ukraine. The bad news is, we have a year to wait for Trump to take office, should he be elected, a hopeful and likely… Read more »


so there are people who look beyond the MSM and can see the azov/ aidar battalions for what they are.
It is good also that they put their objections into a historical context of the U.S. funding groups that have had terrible blowback for the world.