Two Kiev officials defect to fight for Lugansk

by Systematic

 Still from the Miroshnichenko brothers’ press conference in Lugansk  (video below in Russian).

Two brothers claiming to have worked for the Ukrainian state apparatus, one of them for the foreign intelligence service, and the other for the Foreign Ministry, held a press conference in Lugansk on Monday after switching sides to fight for the fledgling Lugansk People’s Republic, Russia’s RIA Novosti reports.

Alexei Miroshnichenko and Yuri Miroshnichenko, the former stating that he had worked in the Foreign Intelligence Service and the latter that he had worked in Ukraine’s embassy in France, declared their unwillingness to continue working for Kiev, saying that they could no longer tolerate what was happening to their country.”We decided to return to our hometown,” the brothers stated. “We made the decision voluntarily; we were not compelled to do so. We can no longer put up with what is happening in Ukraine. Traitors, fascists, various intelligence agents have taken up the reins of the country, and are leading it to ruin.” […]

Read in full Brothers in Arms: Two Kiev Officials Defect to Fight for Lugansk at Sputnik International

[…] In the course of [the press conference], he alleged that Kiev devised a plan to discredit Russia after the crash of the [MH17 Malaysian Airlines] Boeing near Donetsk.

According to Miroshnichenko, the plan was developed and carried out under the control of the United States. “There was only one subject – Russia was to blame for everything. All the services were to work in this direction”, – he said. He noted that Ukraine had no evidence against Russia. […]


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