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“Take care of the forest, cut down the people”: Right Sector holds environmental march in Odessa

by Systematic


Antifashist reports:

“Take care of the forest, cut down the people” – Ukrainian “activists” of “Right Sector” marched from the Cathedral Square to the Teschin bridge [in Odessa], demonstrating their strong desire to protect the environment of the region.

Although the “environmental” nature of the event produced a banner reading “Take care of the forest, cut down the people,” which activists carried in front of the column, in the course of the march the “activists” were handing out leaflets calling for people to neuter their pets and avoid street photographers who exploit animals.

“Pravoseki” is trying to soften their image, pretending to be Greenpeace. But something betrayed their fangs – whether it was the black balaclavas or the slogans about Muscovites and “gallows” […]


  1. Jen says

    Pravy Sektor activists giving new meaning to the term “ecofascism”.

    Never overestimate (or underestimate?) the depths of stupidity to which Pravy Sektor descend.

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