Ukrainian WWII POW: “We were taken to a wonderful concentration camp”

by Systematic


Ukraine hasn’t given up its attempts to revise history; in addition to its politicians issuing continuous denials of the Soviet role in the victory over Nazism, it has gone even further: a Ukrainian veteran and prisoner of war now admires the conditions of the Nazi concentration camp where he was interned.

Commemorating the 70th anniversary of the defeat of Nazi Germany, a Ukrainian prisoner of war recently praised the conditions of a concentration camp in Kowel, Poland, where he was taken before being sent on to Germany.

“We were taken to a wonderful concentration camp in Kowel,” the Ukrainian veteran said in live broadcast of a talk show on one of the Ukrainian channels.

“We were disinfected, I listened to the radio for the first time, and saw the lights, as if I was re-born,” he told the audience.

He was the only veteran of Ukrainian origin who took part in the show. The broadcast proceeded in a special way: the host named a country which fought against Nazism. For example, France, Greece, Yugoslavia, Then a national song was played in the native language and a veteran representing the country shared his memories.

The Ukrainian veteran, therefore, recalled “a wonderful concentration camp” in Kowel.

Interestingly, there were no Russian veterans on the show, as, apparently, no one was interested in their memories. […]

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