NATO urges exclusion of extremists from Ukrainian Army

by Systematic

On the social platform vk.com a ukrainian Neonazi group called “Ukrainian Military Honor” released a photo of Ukrainian Army men, one of them showing a Nazi salute. (Ukraine Human Rights)

Novorrossia Today reports:

The North Atlantic Alliance is concerned about the presence of nationalists and neo-fascists in the Ukrainian Armed forces, said special envoy of the NATO Secretary-General in the South Caucasian and Central Asian States James Appathurai [June 19, 2015].

“All NATO member States would like the extremists to be excluded from the ranks of Ukrainian Armed Forces as soon as possible”, – he stressed, according to TASS news agency.

This is not the 1st case, when the West is worried about the presence of extremists in the Ukrainian Army. Thus, earlier the media speculated about the possibility that Canadian military instructors would begin training Ukrainian neo-Nazis from paramilitary formations. Meanwhile American legislators voted against such training, and that urged Canada to reconsider provision of assistance to extremist groups. Official representative of the Canadian Ministry of Defense Ashley Lemierre said that it was Ukraine that bore the responsibility for the selection of military units to be trained by Canadian instructors.


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