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Nazis and “ATO heroes” arrested for murder of Oles Buzina

by Systematic

2608845 19.04.2015 Жители Киева прощаются с журналистом Олесем Бузиной. Известный украинский журналист Олесь Бузина, который писал для сайта был убит 16 апреля у своего дома. Алексей Вовк/РИА Новости
People in Kiev are saying final goodbyes to slain journalist Oles Buzina. The 45 year-old Buzina, was the author of several controversial books, and worked for a number Kiev-based newspapers and magazines. Photo by RIA Novosti/Aleksey Vovk

Antifashist reports:

Those arrested for the murder of Oles Buzina [on April 16] turned out to be Nazis and “ATO heroes”.

As previously reported, today, June 18, the Kyiv Prosecutor’s Office together with the police detained two suspects in the murder of well-known writer and journalist Oles Buzina. The department did not release the names of the detainees, but later they were announced by the Interior Minister Arsen Avakov: Andrey Medvedko (born 09/27/1989) and Denis V. Polishchuk (born 06/14/1990).

Open sources on the internet revealed that Medvedko and Polishchuk were more than close to “Right Sector”, “Svoboda” and the Kiev neo-Nazi group “C-14”.

Andrei Medvedko – a Nazi from the corresponding radical association “C14”, active participant in the “revolution of Ukrainian dignity”, and even more. Medvedko was a known figure in Kiev political circles. As an example of a nation with a running advantage, he ran for city council in majority districts for a postural seat for the very famous party “Svoboda”, and ran repeatedly. He moonlighted as assistant of ex-MP from “Svoboda” Eduard Leonov. Late last year, he served in the zone “ATO” in the Interior Ministry battalion “Kiev 2”.

Denis Polishchuk – another Kiev patriot, he took part in actions against the illegal buildings in Kiev [the occupation of state facilities]. He participated in the “ATO” as the leader of a platoon in the 54th Brigade.

In addition, as Medvedko, in 2012 Polishchuk ran for deputy of the party “UNA” [UNA-UNSO, Ukrainian National Assembly – Ukrainian People’s Self-Defence, a far right Ukrainian party]. He has a relationship with Medvedko anyway, his resume, which circulates on the Internet, includes the name of Medvedko as his recommendation.

“We found out when, where and from whom these persons bought a car, which then followed Buzina. It was on this car that the criminals fled the scene of the murder. Later, the car instructions were installed and evidence was removed. The results of the forensic examinations gave direct evidence of the involvement of these persons in committing this murder, “- said Avakov on Facebook. […]

Returning to Avakov, in addition to his briefing he said that at least another suspect will be detained. […]

Andrei Medvedko
Denis Polishchuk


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