Right Sector requires Poroshenko to abandon Minsk agreements

Activists and supporters of ‘Right Sector’ hold a March in Kiev in February 2015. Photo by Oleg Pereverzev

112 Ukraine reports:

The right-wing radical party “Right Sector” declared its intention to hold a march on the governmental quarter on July 3 in honor of the 965th anniversary of the victory of Prince Svyatoslav over the Khazar Kaganate. Besides the celebration, the nationalists also intend to submit their grievances to the authorities, says a statement published on the website of “Right Sector”.

“We demand the regime of Poroshenko: the refusal of the Minsk agreements, the resuming of offensive operations to liberate the occupied territories, personnel changes in the Ministry of Defense and the army, the just punishment for state criminals of Yanukovych’s time, real steps to combat corruption, changes in the oligarchic orientation of the national state”, – the message states.

Recall that on June 6 “Right sector” attacked the participants of the LGBT March on the Obolonska embankment in Kiev, and also the police authorities guarding it. In the radicals’ attack 11 police officers were injured.

In an interview in  Natalia Vlashchenko’s program “People. Hard Talk.”, the head of “Right Sector” Dmitry Yarosh said that volunteer battalions do not have a positive attitude in relation to the Kiev authorities, neither to the President or the government.


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