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The Saker: US May Be Looking to Extract Itself From the Ukraine Quagmire

by Systematic

Destruction at the Donetsk Airport. Picture © Getty Images

 […] One of the best Ukraine specialists out there, Ishchenko, is now saying that the U.S. has concluded that the Ukraine is a total mess and that it is now trying to get out at the least possible cost. I tend to agree with this explanation, though I am not as confident as Ishchenko that we will see this political pullout play out this year.

Because make no mistake: the $300 million allocated by Congress to arm the Ukraine is a joke. A drop of water into a desert. It will change nothing. Most of it will be stolen and the rest will be wasted.

The expected Ukrainian attack on Novorussia has not happened either, and while the rhetoric in Kiev is more bellicose than ever, and while the Ukrainian forces along the line of contact are constantly shelling Novorussia, no real, full scale, attack has happened. Could it be that the Ukrainians are truly afraid of the consequences of an always possible Novorussian counterattack?

It is also becoming increasingly obvious that the U.S. has failed to isolate Russia and that the Russia economy is doing way better than anybody, including the Kremlin, had expected.

So if the Ukraine cannot be used to mount a military attack on Novorussia with the goal of force Russia to intervene, and if the civil war in the Ukraine has failed to produce the kind of isolation and sanctions against Russia which Washington wanted – then what is the use of the Ukraine to Uncle Sam? […]

Read in full US May Be Looking to Extract Itself From the Ukraine Quagmire at Russia Insider


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