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DPR/LPR: More and More Ukrainian Military Change Sides

by Systematic


Truth about situation in Ukraine reports:

Ukrainian military have been changing sides and joining the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics more often recently, and it makes no sense to hide these numbers – the head of LPR Igor Plotnitsky stated during his briefing on Monday.

“We had such cases before, but they were not as many, as we would like. We weren’t always widely publicizing these facts in order to ensure safety of those people, but now it makes no sense to keep silent about or hide, what is becoming obvious – it makes no sense, and it would be incorrect from a political point of view,” DPR leader said.

According to him this fact evidences that people, who change sides, understand the prospects of the people’s republics.

“This only shows that anyone, who comes here, perfectly understands, where the state exists, and where it has turned into a political Titanic,” summarized Plotnitsky.


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