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VIDEO: Volunteer battalions loot pharmacy in Kharkov

Photo: Miho NikipelovKontorovich

Truth about situation in Ukraine reports:

Fascists from the “Right sector”, “Azov” and “Eastern Corpse” [?] at noon [July 4 in Kharkov, Ukraine] attacked a pharmacy of the private diagnostic medicine center “Alfa-Med”.

Medications were stolen from the pharmacy, the fascists stole money from the cash register. Shop assistants of pharmacies were subjected to humiliation and beatings. […]

As it became clear from the statements of the fascists, the money that they stole from the cash register of the pharmacy can be used for any purpose, including the purchase of weapons for the needs of the fascists.

The Ukrainian fascists brought with them provocateurs who, on behalf of the locals said thanks for the fascists for their today’s crimes.

The fascists “found” among packs of medicines St. George’s ribbon and the icon of the Party of Regions (party of Yanukovitch). They also claimed that the medicines sold in the pharmacy were in fact drugs … […]

More info on this incident here.

On a related subject, Truth about situation in Ukraine further reports:

Officers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces fail to control the Ukrainian volunteer battalion “Donbass” consisting of alcoholics and vagabonds, former servicemen of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Yevgeniy and Roman told a briefing at the Lugansk Information Center after returning home.

“There are no soldiers in “Donbass” battalion. The battalion consists of alcoholics and vagabonds who have no conscience. They don’t appreciate other people’s work. They can drink alcohol or urinate in public places, for instance, in the territory of the battalion or places full of locals and children. They don’t think they step out of line. The servicemen of the Ukrainian Armed Forces have to look after and clean up after the fighters of “Donbass” battalion as nannies. Of course, we used to clean up after them in the morning. No matter how many times we complained to our officers, they just told us “be patient, clean, we cannot do anything”,”– Yevgeniy said.

In his turn, Roman added that the fighters of the battalions “Donbass”, “Azov” and other nationalist armed groups respect nor police, or the Ukrainian Internal troops, or the soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

“After the events on Maidan, police and internal troops of Ukraine are deadly enemies of the Ukrainian nationalist volunteer battalions and the “Right Sector”. They consider themselves heroes saving Ukraine. For them, the Ukrainian Armed Forces are just nothing,” – Roman said.

Yevgeniy is a former Ukrainian soldier, originally from the village of Roshkoshnoe. He served in the Bars unit of the Internal Troops of the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs, serving on internal security duties in Kiev and guarding strategic objects in the so-called “ATO” zone.

Roman is from the village of Zheltoye. Initially, he was a contract serviceman, but after receiving a call-up paper, he attempted to desert. They arrested him and transferred him to duty in a Radar Technical Unit in the Ukrainian Air Defense Forces.

Instead of the one year, both of them had to serve for two years.


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