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Facebook removes Azov Battalion’s page

by Systematic

Screenshot of Azov Battalion’s page removed by Facebook.

Rusvena reports:

On Tuesday, July 7, the official page of [volunteer battalion] “Azov” in the social network Facebook was deleted by the administration. This was reported by Azov’s  press service in the [Russian] social network “VKontakte”.

“On July 7 at 13:30 the official page of the regiment” Azov “on Facebook, called “Special battalion ‘Azov’ – new page” was removed by the administration of the social network without notice. It is unknown what caused the removal of the page, which has more than 50,000 readers subscribing to it. At the moment, we are trying to find out the reasons for the blocking and deleting of the pages, “- said the press service department.

At the same time, the social network Facebook did not delete the page “Azov. Training camp”, although this page has not been updated for a long time, the last message from the regiment being dated May 14.

Note that on Facebook pages are usually removed by the administration if they systematically violate the basic rules of the social network: promoting racial intolerance or ethnicity, are used for the illegal sale of goods or relate to the spread of pornography.

Recall that earlier in the US House of Representatives the soldiers of the regiment “Azov” were accused of having a neo-Nazi orientation. […]


  1. What I get from this is that the Azov Battalion are being thrown under a bus by their US paymasters for some reason. After all Facebook had no problem with Right Sector posting “funny” pics of roasting colorado beetles after Odessa. Nazism, racism, genocide – all fine as long as they fit with the wider western agenda.

  2. i do not hate the Rus. i am proud of what and who i am. the West is lost in a sea of anti-male hate which is why we are growing in numbers. deleting us only makes us stronger.

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  4. Daniel Rich says

    Freedom of speech is freedom of speech. The moment one cordons off certain segments [whatever the reason], freedom dies.

    Suckerberg has mined every ff-ing penny out of all the data he and his ilk have gathered from this scheme, but yeah, I’m the village idiot, so what do I know?.

  5. Francis says

    One really does wonder, with Facebook, whether they’d have been any quicker off the mark deleting Hitler, had they been around in 1933.

  6. Guest says

    Well done facebook; better late than never,
    It should have happened months ago; as this group do not hide what they are and what they believe. Neither do their 50,000 followers who are full of real hatred against Russians.

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