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The Racket: who owns, funds and controls the world’s media?

Six corporations own 90% of the US media. The Murdoch empire is world-wide and growing. The Guardian’s various sections are a rainbow of corporate logos. Does any of this impact on journalistic freedom? The official answer is – of course – “no.”. Ex-FT journalist Matt Kennard takes a different view.

Kennard’s book The Racket: a rogue reporter vs the masters of the universe is available here

And here is the Guardian’s entirely unbiased review of that book. Is it a reasoned rebuttal, or a collection of adolescent sneering, diversion and ad hominem? You decide, dear readers.


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  2. Daniel Rich says

    The way the Guardian ties in zionism is a dead give away of their stilted interests.

    ”We gotta protect Zion!” – The Matrix II or III

  3. Guest says

    With such limited ownership there is no independence they all write and repeat the same thing.
    It creates this feeling that there is a consensus if they are all saying the same thing right? Wrong we are being manipulated into believing govt messages and they are all in support of US hegemony.

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